Essay Topics in Biology

Essay topics in biology are a source of valuable information for your research on various topics. The topics range from molecular studies to cell morphology, extraction of DNA, and other similar topics, and help to improve your understanding of biology. 

It improves our understanding of how nature impacts human beings. You'll find a library full of abundant resources to help you write extensively on any subject of your choice. Some biology topics don't need in-depth research to write. 

Many samples are already on the internet, written by different students. It will help you to have access to several materials that you'll need to make your essay robust. No matter what you're writing about, either cloning or ultra-violet rays, you'll find information that'll steer up your interest. 

Go through this list to find interesting topics for your next essay.

A List of Biology Essay Topics

  1. Evaluating Suicide Biologically
  2. Does Biology Define Adolescence or Society?
  3. Water and It's Importance in Biology
  4. Evaluating the Aloe Vera Plant Biology
  5. The Importance of Arabidopsis Thaliana in Biology
  6. Evaluating Moral Determinants - Genetics or Mere Assumption?
  7. How Cholesterol Benefits the Development of The Brain
  8. Principles of Biochemistry and Biophysics
  9. Bioinformatics- Using Amino Acid Sequence and DNA to solve Biological Problems
  10. Using EPR To Improve Trauma Treatment
  11. Water Birds and Their Breeding Habits
  12. Examining The Peculiarities of Meiosis and Mitosis
  13. Analyzing Spinach Pigmentation During Photosynthesis
  14. Evaluating the Impact of Genetics On Allergies
  15. Brain Fixing Chemicals
  16. How Chemistry and Biology Are Connected to The World Today
  17. Possibilities of New Life From Cloned Stem Cells
  18. Saving the Environment: A Science and Spiritual Based Comparison
  19. The Complexity of the Morality of Stem Cell Research
  20. How Individuality May Affect the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism
  21. Converting a Physical Biology Laboratory to a Virtual Online Laboratory.
  22. Macromolecules and The Role They Play In Biology
  23. Misconceptions And Differing Rates of Evolutionary Change
  24. Relationship between Light Intensity and Rate Of Photosynthesis
  25. How Cholesterol May Affect Membrane Fluidity
  26. How Substrate Concentration May Affect The Enzyme Catalase Activity
  27. Evaluating Marijuana for Recreational and Medicinal Use
  28. How Gender Identity May Affect Sexual Orientation 
  29. Why Growth Hormones May Be Important
  30. Origins Of Gene Therapy And Procedures
  31.  The Anatomy Of Elephants
  32. How Ultra-Violet Radiation May Impact the Body
  33. The Eye has the Body's Most Complicated Sense Organ
  34. How Germination Or Non-Germination And Temperature May Affect Cellular Respiration
  35. Evaluating Sleep and Performance Source Determinants
  36. Protozoa; Transport and Exchange
  37. How Biology and Society Impacts Gender Roles
  38. How To Write A Review Paper on Biology
  39. A Biological Point Of View On The Appearance of Serial Killers
  40. The Problem of Mind-Body and The Human Concept of Pain
  41. The Neurology of Love As A State of the Human Heart; Something About The Bottom of the Brain
  42. How Teeth Cleaning Agents May Impact Bacteria Growths
  43. Evaluating Non-Human Intelligence
  44. Sexual Selection; Male and Female Roles
  45. Large Glutamine Quantities As Cause of Diseases