Good topics for argument essays: 25 unique suggestions

The choice of topic that you use for your paper will go a long way in helping you make the task an incredible one. Once you are able to choose the right title for your work, there is very little that will stand in your way.

  1. Discuss the difference between an argumentative and a persuasive essay
  2. Explain the difference in perspectives between Moriarty and Iago
  3. Explain why gun control is seen by some individuals as oppression
  4. Discuss the concept of Mullah from an informal perspective
  5. Discuss the need for trauma centers in the country
  6. Argue in favor of or against the use of animal testing in laboratories
  7. Champion for the rights of the protesters in a non-violent protest scenario
  8. Discuss the current trend where women go topless in public
  9. Explain your understanding of euthanasia, and discuss the challenges of legalizing the procedure
  10. Explain the reasons why employees should be allowed to strike
  11. Discuss the challenges that the continuous expansion of federal power poses to the society
  12. Discuss some of the ills that are propagated in the society as a result of goodwill, and how they eventually make society an unsafe place
  13. There are legitimate beggars and then there are people who are running an enormous beggar empire. Discuss
  14. Discuss reasons why violent video games are supposed to be banned, with respect to violence among teenagers
  15. Explain why teachers are supposed to be paid more than athletes
  16. Discuss some of the benefits of legalization of marijuana
  17. Discuss the difference between emotional, ethical and logical reasoning in the course of an argument
  18. Explain some of the negative effects of TV that you have experienced
  19. Discuss the challenges that modern technology poses to the world around us
  20. Explain why women are supposed to be encouraged to participate more in sports
  21. Following the success story of Leicester FC, discuss why boards of football clubs should not sanction enormous spending in transfer windows
  22. Discuss the challenge of doping in the world of sports
  23. Maria Sharapova was found guilty of using a banned substance, but might get off with a light penalty. Discuss how her position as a media darling contributes to this sentiment among her peers
  24. Explain why the ICC has failed in its mandate following the bungled handling of the Kenyan cases in the 2007/2008 post-election violence
  25. Discus the effectiveness of training for the secret service, and why this kind of training is important