Great Topics That You Can Use For Your Essay On Environment

When you are requested to write an environmental protection essay, you may think that this is easy since you already have a leakage because the environment surrounds us. Well, it may not be that easy if you end up selecting a bogus topic. This brings us to the importance of a topic. As we all know, a topic is like a steering wheel. It gives direction to your custom thesis. A poor topic translates to a very poor paper that will make you score a D or an E and am quite sure that no one would want to score that. With all the tips provided, the question in your mind may be how to come up with this exemplary topic that will guarantee me marks. Well, worry no more, below are the tips.

Choose an interesting topic

When you go to a movie store, you will choose one that fits your taste. There is no way that you love action movies and end up choosing Science fiction. In the long run you will lose the morale to watch and give up. Well, this is not different either when choosing a topic. If the topic on pollution excites you then why not write a short essay on pollution. This way, you will make your writing process very enjoyable and worth the while. If you do not heed to this advice then do not blame anyone when you score less.


Topics do not just fall from the air. For you to get an idea of what suites you then you have to go the extra mile and get some books on environmental science that will enlighten you. Once you get these topics on environment, find one that will interest you ad feel free to expound on it. If you are not within the vicinity of a library, do not give up, you can Google.

Select a current topic

We all know that some old stuff can be quite boring. There are those topics that every Tom, Dick and Harry has written on and even if you ask your folks they may probably have written it. Reading something over and over again can be quite irritating and this is what your lecturer will feel when going through your work. Try as much as possible to be unique.

Below are some of the best topics that you can try:

  1. What are some of the measures that can be taken to improve food productivity
  2. Write a pollution essay in English including its effects on ecosystem.
  3. How can soil erosion be curbed
  4. How is recycling beneficial to our environment
  5. State some of the renewable sources of energy and their advantages in comparison the non-renewable ones.
  6. Explain ways that waste can be managed to avoid pollution of the environment
  7. How best can we conserve energy
  8. What are some of the causes of climate change and what are some of the measures that can be taken to prevent further climate deterioration
  9. Discuss in details what the greenhouse effect is and how it comes about
  10. Ways that we can promote to improve the quality of air that we use
  11. The advantages of using organic manure over the inorganic ones. Having given you the criteria for selecting a suitable topic, I hope that finding one that is right for you from the ones given above will not be a problem.