Essay Conclusion: How To Impress Your Readers And Graders

There are several areas to focus on when learning how to write an argumentative essay or other essay types. They are introduction, body, and conclusion. But while an introduction helps to set the tone of the paper, the conclusion is one of the best and final chances you have left to impress readers. An argumentative essay is primarily about persuading readers to accept your stand on the argument. So your conclusion should also reflect that. Here are simple tips to write a thrilling conclusion for your paper.

Things to remember when writing your conclusion

If you read through well-written conclusion examples, you will notice that they contain vital points. Conclusions are an essential part of your paper so you should put in your best when drafting one. Below are areas to focus on when writing.

  • Reiterate your claim
  • Reiterate your topic
  • Explain why your position is valid
  • Tackle opposing views or points

These are areas you need to focus on when writing essays, especially argumentative essays. And if written ideally, you will be able to convince your readers before they finish reading your work. Check well-written argumentative essay examples, and you will discover that they contain most of the above points. You can study how to write your conclusions from these examples.

How to draft an impressive conclusion for argumentative essay topics

After the introduction, the conclusion is another challenging aspect of any writing task. And it has rules you must follow. However, one of them is to ensure that you do not introduce a new idea or point to your readers. Here is how to write a conclusion.

  1. Take note of your key points.
  2. Your conclusion should have critical points that made your arguments valid. It should have points you want readers to remember before leaving your paper. Make use of points that are logical to structure your conclusion. They should be points that can convince your readers to accept your stands on the argument.


    • Write key points while reading through your paper. You can make a bullet list of these critical points to make it easier to spot the most logical of them all.
    • Add key phrases in your conclusion to give your persuasive essay a sense of closure.
  3. Start writing
  4. Your conclusion is to remind readers that the points you mentioned in your argument are valid. You want them to take sides with you, so make every part of your paper convincing enough. Rephrase the thesis statement in a manner that intensifies your claims presented in the argument. Read thesis and conclusions from different essay examples to have a better idea on how to end your paper most impressively.


    • Include the most rational and logical points of your argument in the middle part of your conclusion.
    • Add a call to action in the last sentence of your conclusion.


Your conclusion, no matter the argumentative essay topics should impress and help readers remember the key points in your paper before signing out. It is your final chance to impress and make them take sides with you concerning the argument. In fact, these are the crucial points to note when writing your conclusion. And lastly, make it concise and avoid presenting new ideas at this point.