How Essay Prompts Help You Create Great Writing Topics

Using writing prompts for writing inspire original ideas. When writing a paper such as an essay you want to create an original and interesting topic you know well, or at least feel comfortable writing. There are different ways to get prompts including using online homework help sources, quality essay examples, and brainstorming ideas on a broad subject. Having a list of ideas gives insight on the possibilities of what you could write about and how to narrow your ideas down to a topic of interest. Here are tips to help you use prompts to develop your topic idea.

Learn Other Aspects of a Subject

Focus on what is most interesting to you about the subject. Then, use this information to determine a starting point for your research. Whether you are writing a common app essay or a compare and contrast paper you should learn different viewpoints on your subject. Look for information that is new, different, and insightful. Determine an angle or point of interest for your idea and brainstorm to select your main point of focus.

Understand Your Level of Interest

Your level of interest will help you create an array of potential essay topics during brainstorming. Once you gain deep insight on your subject you’ll be ready to define a statement of purpose for your work, also referred to as a thesis statement. If the subject is something you lack interest it will become increasingly difficult to find an idea. Your interests should provide hints on how to choose an idea. You may have to go back and do additional research to find an area of interest to start from so you can create potential ideas for writing.

See Potential for Thesis Statement Development

The thesis statement is the main idea for your paper but it starts off being a prompt or incomplete idea. Certain forms of writing it may be referred to as a personal statement because it reflects your opinion or where you stand on the subject. The statement determines the direction of your paper while giving a reason behind the research. Reviewing a list of potential ideas may help you create a focal point you can stick with during the writing process.

Easier to Focus and Eliminate Ideas

When reviewing the basics of how to write an essay you’ll need to know the facts of your idea and how to include them. After collecting your data it is necessary to know which pieces of information are relevant to your topic and which will help build a stronger case for your main idea. Eliminating ideas show you don’t have interest to write about them, but it will help you focus on what you can do based on data you collect.

Reviewing reasons why writing prompts are useful gives clarity on how to use your time when developing a potential topic. Creating an interesting idea for essay writing may take time, but using a list of prompts takes some of the pressure off of trying to develop a new concept. There are many options online providing additional insight on how to create topics and potential prompts to consider based on your subject. The right prompt makes a difference because it shows how you can be creative with an original idea.