Cold War Essay Topics

Writing a cold war essay might be somehow difficult for students and some of the entry-level history writers at It is as a result of unfamiliarity with historical facts such as capitalism, communism, nuclear weapons, and others.

The cold war, which happened between 1947-1991, is a historical war between America and Russia, with their allies also participating. This war led to a lot of death, new war strategies, and change the international order. Before starting to write your essay, you need to research from a historical angle.

You might get confused when trying to write an essay on the cold war because a lot of events happened in the long-lasting war. Writing about all of those events might cause your piece to be too long and also lose its intended effect.

What to consider when choosing a cold war essay topic?

1) Who are the participants of the cold war?

Identify the major and minor participants of the war. Consider the names of major players and their roles in the war. You should read about influential names such as Ronald Reagan, Stalin, President Truman, and Churchill.

2) What are the causes of the war?

Some specific events led to the war, and you should focus on that. Evaluate the causes that led to the tension between Americans and the Soviet Union. Identify what each party believes in and what they stand to gain.

3) What are the consequences of the war?

Research about both the negative and positive effects of the cold war. What are the essential policies that followed the war? Although not many lives were lost in the war, it is still necessary to review the consequences it had on each nation and other participants.

Examples of great Cold war essay topics

1) Compare the capitalist economy and the communist economy during the cold war

2) Reasons why the cold war was a major driving factor to set the growth of space and nuclear arms races

3) Evaluating how the actions of Russian policymakers cause USA Officials to feel concerned or threatened?

4) How do the events of the Cold War still impact the citizens of North Korea?

5) What was the impact of the cold war on pop culture throughout the decades?

6) How did actions and decisions taken during the Cold War connect with the recent development in the Middle East?

7) Does Ronald Reagan merit the credit he gets for being a  major player in ending the Cold War?

8) What was the influence of the Cold War on the Vietnam War?

9) “Joseph Stalin was the leader most responsible for initiating the Cold War.” To what extent is this statement correct?

10) Evaluate the distint role of Pope John Paul II in containing socialism and putting an ending  to Cold War in Europe.


Coming out with an excellent essay on the cold war is not an easy task because of its broadness. But once you can do proper research and get a good topic, focus on it, and engage yourself in more research for more information.